Hello there and welcome!

To those of you who have stumbled upon my blog, let me give you a quick insight into what I am aiming to achieve with my new 'Wallpaper Diaries' series.

Since a very young I age, I have had an over powering urge to be constantly drawing and creating, as well a strong desire to record my experiences, take hundreds of photos and basically document my life in any way possible. I think I just really love the idea of being able to just look at something and be taken straight back to a happy/amusing or sometimes sad memory that I may otherwise have forgotten.

During secondary school I wrote in a diary every single night and still have about 8 chunky notebooks full of words stashed away in my old cupboards, which I'm sure one day I will take great pleasure in reading but right now I still find it rather unbearable to read through my angsty 15 year old dramas and felt like it was about time I found a new and less cringe worthy way to document my adventures. Which is why over the past month, I have decided to start a new personal project that I am calling 'the wallpaper diaries' where I have taken a blank roll of wallpaper and am gradually filling it with small overlapping sketches, representing imagery from my daily experiences.

So for the last year or so I have been all over dashing all over the place. After being told at university that we were able to complete a number of different work placements as a part of our 4 year Textiles course, I had a rush of excitement and decided to take the plunge and apply at five very different companies in order to experience a range of different work, locations and people.

The year has certainly been an insight into some amazing professional creative industries and has taught me a LOT, not only practical and design skills but about the world around me. I started my year in Sweden, then moved to Hackney Wick, then to Glasgow, then Denmark and finally back to London where I am now completing my last placement. I have started the wallpaper at the top by sketching some of my happiest visual memories from Sweden and London and am gradually working my way down the paper to record memories I have from the other places. My aim is to then add a small daily sketch to the paper and eventually have an entire visual diary on one roll of wallpaper.

I will be updating my blog with the progress of the diary and keeping you updated with my continually growing scribbles,

Phoebe X