For me, there is something SO satisfying about going into a shop full to the brim of clothes from all different eras, searching through the weird and wonderful one off pieces, feeling the fabrics, guessing how old they are and imagining how and where they might have been worn when they were first made. Riffling through racks of velvets, silks, denims, leather and beads; then finding something completely unique and falling in love with it. Whether it's an outrageous pair of 70s flared jeans or a borderline ugly yet full of charm 1980s silk blouse. Even if you don't buy anything at all, you always leave feeling inspired by the beauty and quality of some items and very entertained by the pure hilarity of others.

Although the term 'vintage' is thrown around far too often recently and vintage clothes are sometimes now less unique than high street bought clothes due to the sheer amount of people who chose to wear them, I don't feel it should be forgotten that sourcing second hand clothing is actually more of a hobby for many; which benefits both the environment and the individual who is able to appreciate a wider range of textiles, whilst expressing themselves in ways they might not otherwise be able to. It's certainly just as much about the process of finding the pieces as it is about wearing them. There's an incredible amount of clothes already out there in the world, so we should recycle and use them in the most fun and beneficial ways we can!

So for the last three months I have had the incredible experience of living in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, working in a cosy little design studio, producing textile prints for a company called FUSION CPH. I completely fell in love with the wonderfully calm and happy Danish way of life and I genuinely cried whilst locking up my little red bicycle with a wicker basket for the last time before flying home. (lol)

There's an incredible design and fashion scene in Copenhagen and I felt so inspired every day I was there, with lots of small independent companies offering unique and high quality products, the city is full of beautifully designed interiors and immaculately dressed humans. Looking stylish for the Danes appeared almost effortless to me and they looked as though they are completely unaware of how ridiculiusly suave they look, making it even more admirable. My commute to work was like flicking through a aspirational fashion mag or browsing through Pinterest. ( My Danish colleagues and pals will probably smirk whilst reading this but it is true. )

Whilst I was there I explored the vintage clothes shops during the weekends and found some absolute treasures. Before I left the country I wanted to take the time to re visit my most loved shops and interview/photograph the people behind the scenes and find out what they believe in and so I went on a mission with my notebook and camera and delved deeper into the vintage world of Copenhagen. I'm going to be writing up a list of my top 5 places to shop for second hand clothing and my reasons why, to help anyone moving to Denmark or just visiting for the weekend!

I'll be posting my top 5 list soon so keep your eyes peeled, I'm looking forward to sharing some of these wonderful places and people with you all :)